What is hemp? And, are cannabis and hemp the same?

Whats the difference between hemp & cannabis?

Hemp is one of the plants with the highest rate of growth and is regarded to be one of the first to be used for textiles. There is proof that hemp was employed in ancient Atalhöyük 9000 years ago (Turkey).

Hemp is a’strain’ of the cannabis sativa plant that differs from what we typically associate with cannabis in terms of its characteristics. The plant that produces less of the psychotropic compound THC is essentially the same one as hemp. While the minimum criterion for “industrial hemp” in the USA is 0.3% THC by dry weight, it is 0.35 percent or less in Australia. Although hemp still contains some THC, it cannot be smoked in sufficient amounts to cause intoxication.

There are five plant parts that can be used: the stalk, the buds, the seeds, and the inner fibers (hurd) and outside fibers (bast). Hemp is now capable of producing goods like food, clothing, building materials, rope, and even fuel.

In conclusion, although being members of the same plant species, hemp and cannabis have different applications and chemical characteristics.