Nearly Half Of All MMA Fighters Use Marijuana

UFC fighters Use Marijuana

Regarding societal conventions, things are evolving. What was recently discovered may not come as much of a surprise given that marijuana is now legal in many American states and that athletes are using CBD products at an increased rate. Cannabis stigma is progressively fading, at least as more and more professional athletes acknowledge to using it. According to a research conducted by The Athletic, 45.9% of MMA athletes use marijuana recreationally or for recovery purposes, while 76.5 percent admit to using CBD products.

The results didn’t exactly come as a surprise to Jeff Novitzky, executive vice president of athlete health and performance for the UFC.

He looked at the figures and said, “I think that sounds quite correct.” According to Novitzky, inquiries about marijuana are likely the most frequently discussed subject with UFC fighters. The anti-doping organization USADA, which the UFC uses as the controlling authority for drug testing, has enacted significantly more lenient cannabis prohibitions.