Why Do We Use MCT Oil In Our CBD Oil?


Since cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and others are naturally oil soluble rather than water soluble, it is better to dilute and ingest them in an oil solution to increase absorption into the body and allow for even mixing.

But not all oils are created equal. We chose MCT oil as the carrier oil because we believe it to be the most beneficial of the oils and because it combines so well with CBD to create an even dilution, meaning you get a more consistent concentration of CBD in each drop.

Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCTs, are a form of fat that can be found in various plants and dairy products. At We fractionate coconuts into MCT using fair trade, ethically sourced, and low carbon footprint coconuts.

Because the human body absorbs and breaks down MCT virtually immediately, converting it into ketones that may be used by the brain for energy instead of glucose or sugar, there are numerous reported potential health benefits of MCT oil supplementation on its own.

MCT oils are metabolized directly into energy by the human liver, which processes them similarly to carbs. Since it is still digested as a lipid, it accomplishes this without producing free radicals.

Since MCT energy is used right away, it is less likely to be stored as fat by the body. This may benefit the body’s metabolic process and aid in weight loss, according to scientists.

According to a 2003 study, eating MCTs enhanced the amount of calories and fat that overweight individuals burnt. It was determined that MCTs may aid in the suppression of appetite and the prevention of obesity.

According to a 2014 study, MCTs caused a larger rise in the hormones that curb appetite and make one feel full. This was in contrast to fats with longer chains.

According to the studies, MCTs can be quite helpful in promoting weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. MCT has also been mentioned as a supplement that some athletes use to increase their energy and endurance, allowing them to exercise at a much higher intensity.