How CBD Oil Can Enhance Sexual Performance

CBD for better sex

CBD oil can help if you are experiencing severe stress and anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal difficulties, physical discomfort, or, yes, issues in the bedroom.

Effects Of CBD Oil On Sex

While CBD won’t make sex perfect, it can assist treat and alleviate problems that might be keeping you from enjoying sexual activity.

Ananda Hemp’s chief science officer, Alex Capano, is a well-known authority on all things marijuana-related. She is the first individual in the country to get a PhD in medicinal cannabis science, and was recently dubbed “America’s first cannabis doctor.” Many of the ways that CBD can help a person unwind and enjoy sex, says Dr. Capano, are supported by scientific research.

It May Relieve Anxiety

Cannabidiol is an anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety, agent, according to Capano. This implies that it will assist you in relaxing and avoiding any distractions so that you can instead experience the delightful sensations if you battle with worry and distraction, which may undoubtedly have a negative affect when it comes to sex.

It May Relieve Pain

Because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is excellent for reducing pain. So, according to Dr. Capano, it can truly be a game-changer for people who endure discomfort during sex, particularly those who deal with suffering from endometriosis.

It May Activate Sex Organs

Finally, and probably most crucially, CBD may make you enjoy sex more because it increases sensation by stimulating erectile tissue (such the clitoris or penis) and making it easier to attain orgasms. She continues, “I will mention that the cannabinoid receptors are significantly more plentiful in female reproductive tissues than in male reproductive tissues, thus CBD will pack more of a punch for people with vulvas and vagina.
Is CBD oil permitted?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component of marijuana that gives it its euphoric effects, is less than 0.3 percent in CBD oil, making it lawful in all 50 states.